About Us

Vitale Kart is a dynamic company operating in the world of Karting. Vitale Kart deals with the sale of new and used karts, repairs, preparations, elaborations, track assistance, technical advice, sale of clothing, accessories and lubricants. The success achieved by the activity has determined a continuous growth of the company that has led our drivers to the most important victories in the national, European and world field. Both in terms of assistance during the race, through telemetry supports and all mobile equipment, both in terms of "table" optimization of every construction detail, and through the realization of all the customizations necessary to achieve maximum performance in operation the driving style or the characteristics of the tracks, the company is a leader in the sector. The company has a vast assortment of new and used engines and frames in all categories: - Classes 50-60-100-125 with both lamella and rotating disc motors. - Wide stock availability of spare parts and special parts for every need. - A workshop that takes care of all maintenance and assistance operations. Visit our store: courtesy and professionalism await you.